Although a true story, names have been replaced to protect the innocent.

Picture This..

A boy’s evolution into manhood is often identified through physiological changes such as puberty or reaching a certain age, in the case of some religions. My evolution was a bit different than most.

It all started when I was 4 years old being taken care of by my first crush, the babysitter. Red hair, skinny frame and the most amazingly supple breasts, she was any man’s fantasy.

It was a Friday filled with anticipation because I knew I was going to see her that night. It had been arranged for her to take care of me that particular weekend and I was filled with excitement. Who wouldn’t be excited to see her, right? I would have her all to myself. Or so I thought.

When we arrived to her apartment we were greeted by a strange man sitting on her couch. Jealousy, rage and betrayal rushed through me like a whirlwind when she said who he was. Her boyfriend? Bullshit. I knew what I had to do: I had to get rid of him. I tried my best karate chops and midget punches but he was stronger than I thought. I needed a new tactic. I would show him who’s the big cock of this apartment.

The brilliant plan was devised the second “Jennifer” said she was going to her room to change. I kept it cool. I knew I was going to get to this guy and get the girl. As soon as I heard the door close I went up to “Bill” and told him who Jennifer really loved and to prove it I was going to see her naked. Brilliant, right? The fool didn’t believe me so I had to prove I wasn’t fucking around.

As I left the living room and made my way into the hallway my steps became softer, my breathing slowed steady as I reached her door. Putting my ear to the door I listened for signs letting me know she wasn’t paying attention. I should’ve been a ninja with the stealth and silence I used to open the door just to the point where I could see her; an inch or so, the perfect amount.

My timing couldn’t have been better. At that exact moment, standing there with out pants, or underwear, was the most amazing sight I had ever seen. Jennifer was removing her top exposing her large breasts, thin waist and red bush. I stared for as long as I could, quickly closed the door and ran to Bill to boast about my accomplishment. I could see that I had gotten to him but I was too busy recalling the magnificent sight I had just stolen. If I could have, I would’ve had the biggest erection the world had ever seen.

Whatever happened after that is lost in my memories but I couldn’t care less. I had become a man that night and that’s all I cared about.

Interesting, or not, to this day I still love big breasts and red heads.