If you don’t know about my experience with the female body at an early age then you should read that first. Here’s how my fascination with sex came to pass…

Part 1 to the life changing awakening

With everything that happened in the past, I hit puberty at a younger age than most and by the time I was 12 I was out of control with hormones. At this time kissing wasn’t enough; I needed more.  The problem was, the girls my age were too shy and oblivious to any other sexual act. I’m not saying I was some Casanova but I had seen my share of Playboys and soft-core to figure out what happened next. The only way I’d get any further was to score an older chick. Fortunately for me, a 16 year old, fully developed, girl(woman?) had her eye on me.

Now for the story’s sake and not to be rude, she wasn’t anything special except for one thing: she had amazingly large breasts (I can’t help myself, as you can start to see a pattern).

Being inexperienced and a little nervous I decided to play it cool. If I could be her friend while flirting, things would eventually progress in the direction I wanted. And of course, it did. I knew it would. You see, months before she had already put her hands down my pants and felt the goods on a dare. Despite that, I knew it would take some tedious and cunning effort to get it back to that point. After several weeks to a month of speaking on daily and nightly basis we had finally arrived at that point. We (read: she) were now comfortable talking about sex. Particularly, hand jobs and blow jobs as I thought sex would be too far of a reach.

After talking about doing things sexually, we decided when and where it would take place. After school, in the outdoor closets – which were more like sheds – where we stored our backpacks and other crap. *Slight digression – Do you know what it’s like to wait the entire day to finally have a girl touch your dick? It’s torture.* The school bell rang with the sound much like that of a slot machine signaling a jackpot. My dreams were about to come true.

As I made my way to the shed thoughts ran wild. Would she show up? Would we get caught? How will it feel? You know, the usual thoughts one gets while making his way to a hand job. To my relief she was already there, waiting, and looking incredibly chesty. I pretty much sprouted wood before anything happened and was proud of it.

We decided to make sure everything was clear before doing anything so we discussed how we’d do it, what would be our excuse for being there and what would happen once it goes down. What was said exactly I have no clue – I was too focused on the boner in my pants and the tits I couldn’t keep my eyes off of.

Poking my head around the corner to triple check that no one was around I felt her press against my package, stroking my erection and reaching to unzip my pants. I helped her unbuckle my belt and she did the rest by unbuttoning, opening them up and pulling them and my boxers down just enough to expose my dick. From the comments she made she was enjoying this as much as I was.

A few minutes went by until I realized her breasts hadn’t yet been fondled. I immediately corrected that by placing them both in my hands and squeezing gently. They were so big yet so firm and her nipples complimented the touch of my hands by getting hard. I was in heaven.

But alas, as do all things good come to an end this did not last. Her parents had come to pick her up which meant I was stuck with an erection that wouldn’t quit. As we said our goodbyes with a kiss and a fondle I sat, awkwardly, waiting for the next moment of heaven to arrive.