As the weeks went by, hand jobs at school became a regular occurrence. Being that I had never masturbated, which meant I never experienced the joy of cumming, I was as happy as a clam. But, the natural progression of sex had something in store for me.

On a sunny afternoon in an empty room, hiding in one of the closets, Jamie started the drill of unbuttoning my pants, pulling them down and exposing my erection. This was all normal yet still fun each time but then, instead of simply jerking me off, she put her lips around the head and started using her tongue. Why didn’t I know about this sooner!? This was quite possibly the best experience I’ve had up to that point. The warmth of her mouth, the wetness, her tits, there wasn’t anything better. Or so I thought, but that’s a different story.

The feeling was so amazing I felt my legs begin to weaken. I didn’t know what was going on until I realized I hadn’t been breathing. Breathing now, and wanting to take full advantage of the situation, I removed her tight shirt and bra, revealing her breasts as she continued to suck. Leaning back, taking in this incredible view, I recorded every moment so as not to forget. If Heaven were a place on Earth, it would’ve been in that closet on that day.

The story would’ve been perfect, but as luck had it, a random kid roaming around nearly caught us in the act. Ripping through the silent ecstasy was the loud screeching of the rusty door knob to the empty room. Before I realized what was going on my pants were back on, her top covering her breasts; ending the best experience a middle schooler could ever ask for.

We carried on for a few more weeks until summer came around, ending our trysts. As quickly as the fun started it went away, but I wasn’t worried. I had experienced something truly amazing and knew I’d find it again. I had to. I had discovered the joys of life and was meant to experience them again.

I never did cum, but unaware of what that was I was oblivious. It wasn’t until a year later, sitting alone in my room watching late night Cinemax did I discover what that was and what I had missed out on. But, by then, I had a gorgeous girlfriend and plenty of scheming ahead of me.