Knee high socked hotty

Yeah, she pretty much looked that.

Back before the schoolyard hand and blow jobs I was an almost-normal young male, except for my unprecedented perseverance. I usually got what I wanted one way or another but this particular prize took some cunning that was definitely not taught in school…

There she was, like a dream

On an afternoon of an exceptionally normal day, breaking through the doldrums like only she could, the hottest girl of my age came to visit my school. Since the school wasn’t public, we offered parents and their children a chance to experience the goings on through tours and what we retardedly called “buddy days”; where the kids could come for a day to see if it was a right fit. (It only sounds ridiculous because it is.) Luckily for me my future ex-girlfriend had a cousin that attended the school and decided to take one of those tours.

When she came to my classroom I couldn’t help but stare in disbelief and infatuation. With long blond hair, a tight shirt showing off her perky breasts, short shorts that instantly turned me into an ass man, and knee high socks, she drove me insane. She had to be mine.

Being too dumbfounded to speak to her to get her name I had to resort to other means of getting to know her when I found out she wouldn’t be attending the school. The only way I’d see her again was if I befriended her cousin who happened to hate me.

My first attempt at becoming friends with Cousin* was quickly shot down. How she knew I was trying to be friends with her to get to her hot cousin I’ll never know, but she made it clear it wasn’t going to happen.  Future Ex’s* image was still burned in my mind, driving me to persevere; so I did.

Weeks of being nice went by before Cousin started to break down and return the exchange, but she was still reluctant to give me what I wanted: Future Ex’s number. I began to lose hope and give up on my dream girl when Cousin approached me one afternoon and said, “I know this is what you’ve been waiting for, so here it is.” (or something like that) while handing me a folded piece of paper. Confused, I unfolded it to discover a number scribbled down. It was Future Ex’s number and apparently she knew I was asking about her and was expecting a phone call from me. Despite hating me, Cousin really hooked it up.

With the number now in my possession all I had to do was call her and ask her out. Nope. Too nervous. Every time I tried to call I’d hang up before I finished dialing. The cliché you only see in movies is, unfortunately, very real and just as frustrating. Finally, after a few weeks of procrastinating I grew the balls to call. From my recollection Cousin answered the phone and laughed at me when I asked for Future Ex. Not a good start. After the awkward exchange, Future Ex got on the phone and I nervously introduced myself. She claimed to remember who I was, so I relaxed slightly only to forget what to talk about. Knowing she was from Texas I stalled by asking her about the Dallas Cowboys, and immediately regretted calling. This was a complete disaster save only for the fact that we weren’t talking face-to-face. Thoughts of hanging up ran through my head but I balked when it came down to it. Fortunately she asked questions and I was able to regain some cool. The conversation got on track with random small talk and ended up going for about half an hour. Not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

The conversation ended with her asking me to call again and an agreement that I would. I never did. Fuck that. I knew I blew it and I didn’t want to make another ass out of myself. Or so I thought…

A few years later she ended up a student at the school and by the way she kept eyeing me, I knew I had an in. I was older, more experienced and nothing was going to stop me this time…

Stay tuned for the next installment.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent