Crazy chick licking her dog

Most definitely. She's crazy. Avoid.


Women. An interesting species for sure. Beautiful in many ways while crazy in others. Our testosterone and penis tells us to fuck as many as possible. We get ourselves in trouble a lot.

Some women, however, must be avoided at all costs. If you haven’t discovered who these women are, then keep reading. Subscribe too. I’ll be uncovering more as time goes on.

She likes animals? Cute.
She likes them more than people? Run. Run fast.

Don’t get me wrong. Animals are great. But they can’t talk to me and no matter what you say, they don’t understand a one word I say to them. That’s what friends are for. Or 1 (900) numbers, if you’re desperate.

Empirical research shows that women/girls who prefer animals over humans are, in fact, crazy. Think old lady with a million cats. That’s what she’ll be in the years to come.

Need more of a reason? They’re flakes. Don’t rely on them. You’ll be let down.

More? Drama. Their lives are consumed with it. They have to be. The animals they talk to don’t talk back and that can drive a person mad after a while.

More? Now you’re getting ridiculous. The first two should be enough. But, I’ll give you one more. You make plans. She’s running late. Why? Yes. The fucking farm of animals she has to take care of. God help you if one gets sick and she has to stay home.

Get it now?

So, to avoid the headaches I’ve already had, steer clear of these women at all costs. You’ll be better off. The bright side is, there’s plenty of women out there. Most of them love human interaction too.