Beautiful legsA beautiful woman
The number of times I’ve looked at a woman and said, “Wow” to myself are countless. It’s an instinct ingrained in all men. Obviously, we all do it for different reasons but I catch myself doing it out of a woman’s sheer beauty. So, I asked myself, “What is it about women that makes them beautiful?” Apparently I have a lot of time on my hands to ponder such an unanswerable question. The reality is, there’s no one reason.

I could say the obvious: tits, ass, and pussy and I’d be right. Those are beautiful, however, they’re a few in a woman’s endless sea of attraction. For instance, it should be a well-known fact that a woman’s skin is considerably smoother than that of a man’s. Such simple things can drive a person crazy.

The shapes you can find while roaming a woman’s body is quite possibly the best exercise in geometry a man will ever partake in.

As disturbing as this may come across, I’ve admired a girl’s hair. HAIR! Not in a creepy or jealous way but just as another “wow”. A girl’s hair can be the icing on a cake that puts her over the top. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I may have a problem but I don’t care.

I won’t even start on the dumbfounding effects of an hourglass figure.

As much I have been somewhat of a womanizer in the past, and occasionally fall back into, I have always admired the beauty of a woman and for that I will always be grateful.