An attractive chick unzipping her shorts

I’m not making any big discovery with this one. In fact, I’d be surprised if someone wasn’t aware of this already. Nevertheless, it still needs to be said.

I’ve recently come across a string of girls who use sex as some sort of excuse to escape reality. By this, I mean they have sex as a way to avoid the issue(s) that’s troubling them. To be fair, it’s my belief that they’re not aware this is the reason they do it.

If you aren’t following, don’t worry. This one’s slightly harder to explain than I had hoped. Let me give you an example: Take a girl who’s been in a long relationship with a man. They love each. Live together. Everything seems fine in the world until the guy she’s in love with wants to break up.

Following so far? Good.

Now this guy, as we’ve seen many times before, confesses to having feelings for another woman. He leaves this girl for the other woman. Complete and utter heartbreak ensues.

True story.

Keeping with the same girl, the story continues beyond the breakup. She’s obviously devastated by this. Who wouldn’t be? As difficult as relationships can be, trying to find the reasons as to why they ended are worse. We unknowingly blame ourselves when don’t know why things happened. It’s human-nature. To blame ourselves is to admit that we’re wrong in a roundabout way. We don’t like being wrong. In fact, we try our hardest to be right at all times. Sometimes to a fault.

The girl blames herself. She wants to be right. That’s where sex comes in. It’s the easiest way to get back at an ex. Fuck as many people as possible and hope they find out and be jealous. Hell, I did it. For the same reason too. Sex can also be an easy way to feel needed.

The example above is obviously not the only way this can happen. It can be a number of different things really. Too many to name actually.

What’s that? You were ugly in high school so you need to prove to every guy who teased you, whom you haven’t seen in years, that you’re hot now? Go fuck every guy who smiles at you.

Your parents neglected you? I bet the football team will prove them wrong.

Can’t hold down a steady relationship? Fucking is easier.

Pissed off? Sex relieves tension. OK, that’s a little far…

Starting to get it? I hope so. I’m running out of things to say.

Don’t go thinking I’m sexist. Guys do the exact same thing, just in slightly different ways and for slightly different reasons.

The moral of the story is: sex is an easy out. Who the fuck knows why, but you girls have to knock that shit off. It’s gross and you’re better than that. Who the fuck cares if society believes it’s alright for men to do it. You’re definitely better than us, so don’t sink to our level.

So, to recap… Girls use sex to be right because the hardest thing to do is be wrong.

Reread if that didn’t make sense.