Sex in a small car

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a story of mine so here you go.

I was probably about 18 at the time. At my friend’s house. Watching porn. Yeah, looking back it’s slightly awkward, but that’s beside the point. Nothing homosexual happened so stop thinking it and let me finish this story.

A few minutes of this I realized that I could be getting laid. I called one of my “friends” to help facilitate this. We’ll call her Kim. That’s not her her real name, but you knew that. Blonde. Thin. Big breasts. Full lips. Great ass. Cool with just being “friends”. In other words, perfect. She arrived 20 minutes later. We resumed watching porn. A few minutes pass and I asked my friend for a room to take Kim into. Being a jealous virgin at the time, he refused. Fucking bullshit. He did, however, have a spare condom. Shocking.

I had been drinking so driving wasn’t an option. In retrospect, she could have driven us to my house and back but like I said, I had been drinking. I couldn’t think straight at that point.

The only option were our cars. She said hers was a no go. Too dirty or some bullshit. That left my truck. A lowered, Chevy s10 extended cab with a large box of two 12″ subwoofers taking up the back. I went through a weird phase but I loved that truck. Because of the box, the seats couldn’t fully recline, and they were bucket seats. Separating them was hard plastic, an arm rest, and a box of switches for the suspension. Stop judging, it was a great wingman. With all that being said, it was going to be a tight fit.

We get in the car, her sitting on top of me. We start making out. Clothes start coming off. Straining and frustration are beginning to set in. We’re naked. Of course a car passes by. That was the least of our worries. How I was going to get inside her was the puzzle we were working on.

You think, oh not a big deal, just put it in. Doesn’t work like that. Her head was already hitting the roof and there wasn’t enough room to stretch out. Without going into graphic detail, we were successful. I was able to get it in. But that was about it. Like I said, there wasn’t much room for her to move. I tried what I could and I realized I had forgotten to put the condom on. Even though we were pro at what to do now, it was still difficult. We succeeded, again. We went back to having sex but something wasn’t right. There was a sight tingling on my dick and then a numbness. I couldn’t feel a thing. Sheer panic struck. I broke my dick. I told her. She giggled. I punched her. Not really, but I wanted to.

The condom wrapper was on the floor so I threw her off and grabbed it. Panic subsided. Frustration grew. I recognized the condom. I had bought a pack of these for my friend. As a joke. They were condoms with a numbing agent to help premature ejaculation. It was funny at the time.  Now it’s just mean. I told her. She laughed. My dick was completely numb at this point. But my balls were a bright shade of blue. I needed to have sex but it was physically impossible. We gave up.

That was one of the most frustrating nights of my life. I couldn’t exactly be too mad at my friend. After all, it was me who bought the condoms.

Either way, I left it on his car.