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An attractive chick unzipping her shorts

I’m not making any big discovery with this one. In fact, I’d be surprised if someone wasn’t aware of this already. Nevertheless, it still needs to be said.

I’ve recently come across a string of girls who use sex as some sort of excuse to escape reality. By this, I mean they have sex as a way to avoid the issue(s) that’s troubling them. To be fair, it’s my belief that they’re not aware this is the reason they do it.

If you aren’t following, don’t worry. This one’s slightly harder to explain than I had hoped. Let me give you an example: Take a girl who’s been in a long relationship with a man. They love each. Live together. Everything seems fine in the world until the guy she’s in love with wants to break up.

Following so far? Good.

Now this guy, as we’ve seen many times before, confesses to having feelings for another woman. He leaves this girl for the other woman. Complete and utter heartbreak ensues.

True story.
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Couples kissingAs a proponent for being single I had an interesting thought as to why relationships are beneficial. It took an awkward exchange with one of my girl friends for this to happen but that’s besides the point. Girl friend, not girlfriend. Weird that I have those right?

Luckily enough she knows me really well and my rants don’t affect her. It’s a good thing too because I seem to do it a lot with her. After a recent spazz of mine there was a long silence from her. I thought I had done it this time. I apologized and she responded saying that I was going crazy. She was right. Apparently she let’s me go off my tangents for her amusement. Wait, wait, wait. How often do I do that? Why do I do it with her more than others? There had to be a reason for this. There had to be a blog post in this.

Men and women go crazy in their own way. We all have problems but I think men and women are affected by them differently.

The craziness of the opposite sex negates each other when they’re together. Like two negatives making a positive. Ok, maybe the craziness doesn’t go away completely but I believe with the right person it can dramatically decrease.

How does this happen? My guess is magic. Or, it could just have to do with the person being there to listen to you and vice versa.

Being able to communicate with someone that you share a special bond with is a lot different than talking to your friends. Knowing that you have someone there by your side whether present or not is also something to be considered.

It’s just the thought but who knows. There might just be something to this whole relationship thing.

Women love drama

It’s a well known fact. Women love drama. Maybe a generality that all women do but I’ve yet to meet one who doesn’t. Maybe another generality, but who’s keeping track.

If you’re a woman reading this, you’re probably thinking, “Omg, I don’t love drama at all!” Yeah, yeah, yeah. They all say that.

But why exactly do they love drama? Good question.

If it’s not drama with their boyfriend, it’s drama with their girl friend. If it’s neither of those then, well, it’s whatever they can think of.

I used to think it was just because they’re women and have vaginas. Vaginas are confusing so they are too. Makes sense right? This theory could be true but it’s an easy way out. I needed more.

My other theory was a much worse one. I figured it was just in their DNA. After meeting so many girls with drama I began to come up with any reason as to why they were the way they were. Lazy.

But I think I know why now. Women are problem solvers by nature. What happens if they don’t have a problem to solve? They find one. What’s drama? Another term for problems. The only reason why a woman’s drama is different then a man’s problem is their more vocal about it. And they like to let it draw on and on. And on. And…….. on.

Maybe some don’t realize their dramas are actually problems so they never see the solution. Who knows. The fact still remains though. Women love drama. Maybe if enough read this there will be less in the world and we’d all be happy for it.

Wishful thinking.

Think she may be the perfect girl but not sure what to expect? Check out her past and look for the patterns.

Now, don’t go all Mark David Chapman on her and stalk the chick, just inquire about previous relationships. Usually this is done when you’re friends, before taking it to the relationship level. Otherwise, just ask when the time is right (read: NOT on the first date. Ever. Period.)

Why, you ask? Well, let me introduce to you my second theory: Women usually have dating patterns and what she did in the past will most likely be her future.

It’s easy to see this so if you don’t believe me, look around. How often do you see a girl’s relationship status change? There are some out there that change quite frequently (relationship whores, serial relationshippers, etc.)… Probably a sign to stay away. But that’s an easy example and if you’re trying to date a girl strictly through Facebook you have other problems. Read the rest of this entry »

This theory will definitely not make friends but I’ve yet to see it be proven wrong…

Admittedly, they are attractive, but do they really need the tattoos?

We’ve all seen them: Girls with tattoos all over their body.

It’s become a fairly recent craze, especially in more populated cities. Here, in Los Angeles,  California, it’s blown up like Hiroshima. The media has also grown the fad but I wouldn’t say it’s to blame. Girls everywhere are tattooing themselves with everything from butterflies to replicas of works of art. Naturally, I noticed the craze and it got me thinking.

Why would an unbelievably attractive girl cover herself up?

To put it bluntly: she’s trying to hide.

It’s my belief that tattoos are a way for insecure girls to cover up their bodies, making themselves feel better about their appearance or perhaps hide something they feel is wrong with them. Read the rest of this entry »

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