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Why small boobs are amazing

Absolutely adorable.

Two words: No bra.

How amazing is it when you see two small boobies in an American Apparel shirt with no bra? That’s a rhetorical question but if you really need to know, then, they’re amazing.

They’re little rays of sunshine in the afternoon after a cloudy morning.

They fit in your hand, in your mouth, but unfortunately, not in your pocket. Probably my only complaint.

I’m also a fan of small nipples and areolae and it just so happens that most small boobs have those. It’s perfection really. If you have small boobs, show those works of art off. Feel proud.

The fact that small boobs come in different shapes is the icing on the cake. The tear drop? Awesome. The perfect circle? Awesome. The always hard? Awesome. The banana? Awesome. The Hershey Kiss? Yeah, awesome.

I’d rather have small boobs as a pet than cat, dog or any other animal. In all honesty, I’d treat them better too.

And? They never sag. They just stay there all perky and happy as a kid in a candy shop.

In other words, I love them.


Beautiful legsA beautiful woman
The number of times I’ve looked at a woman and said, “Wow” to myself are countless. It’s an instinct ingrained in all men. Obviously, we all do it for different reasons but I catch myself doing it out of a woman’s sheer beauty. So, I asked myself, “What is it about women that makes them beautiful?” Apparently I have a lot of time on my hands to ponder such an unanswerable question. The reality is, there’s no one reason.

I could say the obvious: tits, ass, and pussy and I’d be right. Those are beautiful, however, they’re a few in a woman’s endless sea of attraction. For instance, it should be a well-known fact that a woman’s skin is considerably smoother than that of a man’s. Such simple things can drive a person crazy.

The shapes you can find while roaming a woman’s body is quite possibly the best exercise in geometry a man will ever partake in.

As disturbing as this may come across, I’ve admired a girl’s hair. HAIR! Not in a creepy or jealous way but just as another “wow”. A girl’s hair can be the icing on a cake that puts her over the top. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I may have a problem but I don’t care.

I won’t even start on the dumbfounding effects of an hourglass figure.

As much I have been somewhat of a womanizer in the past, and occasionally fall back into, I have always admired the beauty of a woman and for that I will always be grateful.

This theory will definitely not make friends but I’ve yet to see it be proven wrong…

Admittedly, they are attractive, but do they really need the tattoos?

We’ve all seen them: Girls with tattoos all over their body.

It’s become a fairly recent craze, especially in more populated cities. Here, in Los Angeles,  California, it’s blown up like Hiroshima. The media has also grown the fad but I wouldn’t say it’s to blame. Girls everywhere are tattooing themselves with everything from butterflies to replicas of works of art. Naturally, I noticed the craze and it got me thinking.

Why would an unbelievably attractive girl cover herself up?

To put it bluntly: she’s trying to hide.

It’s my belief that tattoos are a way for insecure girls to cover up their bodies, making themselves feel better about their appearance or perhaps hide something they feel is wrong with them. Read the rest of this entry »

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