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angry guy yelling

That's how I felt on the inside.

It was about 3 years ago. I still remember it as if it was last night though. Thankfully it wasn’t.
I won’t bore you with details of how I met her but I’d like to add just one thing. I had met her years before this. Back then she was incredibly hot but we were both in relationships and never had the chance. Enough with all that. Here’s the story:

I should’ve known things weren’t going to be good when I had to pick her up at her work. Why you ask? Think about it. She didn’t get a chance to get ready. Or shower. Those things are important. You’ll see why further in the story.

So, I waited for her for half an hour as she finished her work. It was pointless to figure out ways of getting out of it. That didn’t stop me from considering it though.

If you noticed earlier in the story I said she was hot “back then”. Yeah. She wasn’t so hot anymore. My fiance and I had just broken up and I was holding on to my long lasting crush that had faded years back. I was determined to fuck this chick. I don’t know. Maybe I was trying to relive the past. Whatever it was, it was retarded. Back to the story.

After she finished work I followed her to her house so we could take one car and she could “freshen up” Looking back now, I should’ve thrown her in the shower. More on that later.
We spent way too much time at her house looking at random shit. Her place was a complete disaster. I’m not the neatest person in the world but she put a 13 year old boy to shame. I was ready for a drink. Or three.

The plan was drinks and billiards. Not too special but I did it for a reason. So I could drink and not give 100% of my attention to her. Classy.

When we got there things weren’t going too bad. I had hope. The chances were high for me getting laid. Read the rest of this entry »


Knee high socked hotty

Yeah, she pretty much looked that.

Back before the schoolyard hand and blow jobs I was an almost-normal young male, except for my unprecedented perseverance. I usually got what I wanted one way or another but this particular prize took some cunning that was definitely not taught in school…

There she was, like a dream

On an afternoon of an exceptionally normal day, breaking through the doldrums like only she could, the hottest girl of my age came to visit my school. Since the school wasn’t public, we offered parents and their children a chance to experience the goings on through tours and what we retardedly called “buddy days”; where the kids could come for a day to see if it was a right fit. (It only sounds ridiculous because it is.) Luckily for me my future ex-girlfriend had a cousin that attended the school and decided to take one of those tours.

When she came to my classroom I couldn’t help but stare in disbelief and infatuation. With long blond hair, a tight shirt showing off her perky breasts, short shorts that instantly turned me into an ass man, and knee high socks, she drove me insane. She had to be mine.

Being too dumbfounded to speak to her to get her name I had to resort to other means of getting to know her when I found out she wouldn’t be attending the school. The only way I’d see her again was if I befriended her cousin who happened to hate me. Read the rest of this entry »

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