Think she may be the perfect girl but not sure what to expect? Check out her past and look for the patterns.

Now, don’t go all Mark David Chapman on her and stalk the chick, just inquire about previous relationships. Usually this is done when you’re friends, before taking it to the relationship level. Otherwise, just ask when the time is right (read: NOT on the first date. Ever. Period.)

Why, you ask? Well, let me introduce to you my second theory: Women usually have dating patterns and what she did in the past will most likely be her future.

It’s easy to see this so if you don’t believe me, look around. How often do you see a girl’s relationship status change? There are some out there that change quite frequently (relationship whores, serial relationshippers, etc.)… Probably a sign to stay away. But that’s an easy example and if you’re trying to date a girl strictly through Facebook you have other problems. Read the rest of this entry »