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An attractive chick unzipping her shorts

I’m not making any big discovery with this one. In fact, I’d be surprised if someone wasn’t aware of this already. Nevertheless, it still needs to be said.

I’ve recently come across a string of girls who use sex as some sort of excuse to escape reality. By this, I mean they have sex as a way to avoid the issue(s) that’s troubling them. To be fair, it’s my belief that they’re not aware this is the reason they do it.

If you aren’t following, don’t worry. This one’s slightly harder to explain than I had hoped. Let me give you an example: Take a girl who’s been in a long relationship with a man. They love each. Live together. Everything seems fine in the world until the guy she’s in love with wants to break up.

Following so far? Good.

Now this guy, as we’ve seen many times before, confesses to having feelings for another woman. He leaves this girl for the other woman. Complete and utter heartbreak ensues.

True story.
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This theory will definitely not make friends but I’ve yet to see it be proven wrong…

Admittedly, they are attractive, but do they really need the tattoos?

We’ve all seen them: Girls with tattoos all over their body.

It’s become a fairly recent craze, especially in more populated cities. Here, in Los Angeles,  California, it’s blown up like Hiroshima. The media has also grown the fad but I wouldn’t say it’s to blame. Girls everywhere are tattooing themselves with everything from butterflies to replicas of works of art. Naturally, I noticed the craze and it got me thinking.

Why would an unbelievably attractive girl cover herself up?

To put it bluntly: she’s trying to hide.

It’s my belief that tattoos are a way for insecure girls to cover up their bodies, making themselves feel better about their appearance or perhaps hide something they feel is wrong with them. Read the rest of this entry »

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